House Escape is a first-person horror puzzler game that I am currently working on. Below, you can see some of the things I have created for the game.

Door and Key System

Above you will see a video for a door and key system that I created. The blueprint for the door is completely editable, as can be seen in the picture below: any static mesh can be swapped in and the scale can be adjusted.  By checking and un-checking the 'Move?' variable, you can change it between a rotation movement and a transformation movement. You can also check and uncheck the 'Closed?' variable to change whether the object begins open or closed. Finally, you select which key unlocks this door by changing the 'Required Keys' variable. The required keys is created using an enum variable. Creating additional keys is as easy as adding it to the enum variable.

The second part of the system is the blueprint for the key object. All you need to do with the key object is to select the corresponding key type you want it to be.

When you approach the door but do not have the key, a widget is displayed telling you to find the key. When you approach the key object, a widget is displayed that asks you to press 'E' to pick it up. Picking it up destroys the key and adds it to an array of owned keys.

The key only works on the appropriate doors which can be seen when you approach the wrong door. The same widget is displayed, and you are unable to open it. However, when you approach the correct door, it a new widget is displayed telling you to press 'E' to open it. 

Start Menu

Temporary start menu for the game.

Level Streaming

I have set up level streaming to help with performance. Each room of the house is broken up into its own level. The next level is loaded when the door opens, and the previous level unloads when the door is closed.

Puzzle Set 1

The first three puzzles I have created for House Escape. In the first puzzle, the player has to set each node to the correct colors. In the second puzzle, the player has to set the positions of the blocks into the correct orientation. In the third puzzle, the player has to interact with each cylinder in the correct order.

Highlight Effect

Highlight effect I created to show that you can interact with an object.

Inventory System

Here is the start of the inventory system I have created. What this system does is allow the player to collect items within the game that they can then use later on. Each item has information stored in it (image, type, name). These are then used for different purposes later on. I have it set up so that the player can move even when the inventory menu is open. This will come in handy for when the player is being chased by the monster that is in the house.

Vent Puzzle

Next puzzle added to the game is a vent puzzle. This puzzle utilizes the newly made Inventory System. Final product will be a box with a grate held on with 4 screws. The player will need to locate a screwdriver in the house. The screwdriver can be used to remove 4 screws which removes the grate and give access to the key inside.